Primus Vidar BBQ Compact Portable Grill

Have a BBQ anytime, anywhere! Why put up with ordinary disposable BBQ grills that are difficult to light, don’t burn long enough, don’t heat evenly and aren’t ? The Primus Vida BBQ is a portable BBQ grill that’s easy to use ona balcony, patio, beach or campgound. With its non-stick coated grill surface measuring 28 x 35cm (11″ x 13.7″), there is enough room to cook for up to four people at a time. Includes tongs and practical drip tray that can be put in a dishwasher, along with the grill grate. Supplied with an integrated piezo igniter for simple, safe use. Powered by Primus cassette gas #2208 (not
Sale Price:$99.00

Windscreen / Heat Reflector

For OmniFuel, MultiFuel, Gravity, VariFuel and EasyFuel stoves. Increases heat output and shortens cooking time. The aluminium heat reflector focuses heat on the pot and preheating coil. Weight: 3.1 oz. NOTE: Stove not
Sale Price:$10.90

Folding Portable Ultra-Lightweight Camp Stove fits Butane or Propane Canister , 1.8oz

Fold-able and canvas carrying case.
Lightweight at 83g (1.8ounces).
Aluminum alloy
Heats one cup of 60degF water in under 1 minute to rolling boil
piezo electronic starter.
adjustable flame.
Compatible with butane/propane canisters with screw top threading such as primus power gas.
3 point cook surface for stability.
greater than 10,000 BTU’s.
Dimensions: 55x55x 10.5mm
can fit in your pocket with ease
Does not fit green 1lb propane
Sale Price:$17.00

Primus Eta CampLite 2.9 Litre Pot with Lid

Primus Eta CampLite Pot represents an advance on our award winning EtaPower pots. The heat exchanger in the base of the saucepan increases the efficiency rate of your stove by 50%. That means significantly lower fuel use and reduced operating costs, making it an obvious choice for both the environment and your wallet. The Eta CampLite also has sturdy handles for easy lifting. Comes with lid and net stuff
Sale Price:$61.01

Texsport Super High Output Dual Burner Piezo Igniter Propane Stove (Green)

The Texsport Super High Output Dual Burner Piezo Igniter Propane Stove features a piezo ignition system so you don’t need matches. It has a high altitude pressure regulator and a baked enamel finish on heavy-gauge steel, and has an oversized frame with stainless top and windscreens. Each oversized stainless steel burner provides 20,000 BTU’s and has its own wind screen for maximum heating. It has a stainless steel drip pan for easy cleaning and an extra heavy-duty cooking grate which easily supports the heaviest of pots. It also features individual regulator control knobs for maximum heat regulation. It uses 16.4 oz. disposable propane cylinders (not
Sale Price:$86.62

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